Medicare VA | Virginia Medicare Supplement

Medicare in VA does not have to be confusing. Below, we will do our best to summarize the situation with Virginia Medicare Supplement Insurance, and show you the policies that make the most sense to most buyers. We want you to have the information necessary to make your own choice, but invite you to please let us show you our rates, as we find we can generally beat other agencies because of how many products we offer. To get rates showing all the best plans in your area, simply fill out our quick form at the top of the screen and one of our agents will get to work on your case.

How do the Medicare Plan Letters Work?

  • Plan F – Covers 100% of the Medicare Part A and B charges
  • Plan G – Covers 100%, after paying the Medicare Part B deductible
  • Plan N – Covers all except a 50 dollar Emergency Room Copay, and up to 20 dollars per doctor visit after the part B deductible is paid.

There are other plans, but these three are the ones we focus on because they cover the most, and in most cases are easily the best value. It is highly unusual to encounter a different medicare supplement than one of these three.  The most popular plan is usually the F plan, because it is the easiest to understand and is usually a great value, but it is worth considering all three in order to find the best value for you.

How do I sign up for Virginia Medicare Insurance?

Signing up is easy. Fill out our quick form at the top of the screen, and an agent will be in contact with custom quotes for you to go over with them. Then you and your agent can look over all the available options for coverage in your area and find the best rate. Next the agent will help you prepare the application and send it to you in the mail, with a return envelope. After receiving the envelope, you can fill out the signatures and remaining information on the application and mail it back.  After this, your agent will review for mistakes, and send the application on to the insurance company. Your approval is usually known within 2 weeks, and your agent can help with anything else necessary to make the transition between your old and new policy.

Simply fill out our quick quote form at the top of the screen so we can show you how much you can save!